Our Approach

Better communication means stronger relationships
Stronger relationships lead to superior outcomes

We believe that personal growth should be a continuous process, based around 4 dimensions of development:

1D) Discover

Identify strengths and development areas through self-awareness

2D) Discuss

Understand how you come across to others

3D) Diversify

Broaden hidden skills beyond your natural tendencies

4D) Develop

Fulfil your potential over time

More than just a profile

Our tools sit at the heart of development journeys for individuals, teams and organisations, offering not just personality profiles, but action plans and a coaching framework designed to improve relationships through understanding and communication.

The four dimensions are embedded into our tools, enabling interventions which create long-term change for individuals and company culture.

The language of colour

We use the words “colour energy” to demonstrate that people are not being labelled, but rather people can use their colour energies in different situations and with different people. Energy cannot be destroyed, it changes form. The Clarity4D model combines the work of Ancient Greek, Aristotle, who identified the four elements, with the work of the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, who recognised that individuals have intrinsic preferences for the way they behave.


Red (Fire) energy is demonstrated by people who are highly energetic and action-orientated. They are positive, straight-talking and assertive. They are goal-focussed and enjoy the challenge of achieving quick results. They are logical, practical thinkers who have an objective approach which can sometimes overlook the needs of other people.


Yellow (Air) energy is displayed by people who are out-going, sociable and fun-loving. They enjoy the company of other like-minded people and are happy to stand out in a crowd, often enjoying being the centre of attention. They are persuasive, charming and can sometimes overwhelm people with their enthusiastic energy.


Green (Earth) energy is observed in people who are warm and friendly in an under-stated way. They value close relationships and will be loyal and supportive of their family and friends. They like to create a harmonious atmosphere and prefer consensus to confrontation, which can sometimes make them appear indecisive and laid-back.


Blue (Water) energy is shown by people who are introspective and reserved. They like to observe others and think before taking action. They are happy in their own company, and can give an independent, detached analysis, which can sometimes give the impression of aloofness.

We all have a mix of these colour energies within us. The Clarity4D profile identifies the energies for which we have a natural preference, and those we are less comfortable with, providing us with development goals and helping us to relate to those with different colour preferences. When we are in our element, we perform at our best.

Accessible to all

These colour energies are simple to understand across age groups and throughout the globe, making profiles and personal development accessible to everyone. This sits at the very heart of our company philosophy

Relevant to everyone

We capture the individual's authentic self, making our profiles relevant to personal relationships and a youth audience as well as in the workplace

Simple to understand

Our profile reports are simple - no psycho jargon or complex graphs to decipher

A practical tool

Incorporating goal setting and action plans across the four dimensions into our products lays the foundation for true ongoing development