Better communication
through colour

Problems we Solve

Our Values

We believe that effective communication is the key to all relationships at work and beyond

Our Approach

Our Values

Clarity4D uses the language of colour to support continuous growth across four dimensions

  • 1D) Discover

    Identify strengths and development areas through self-awareness

  • 2D) Discuss

    Understand how you come across to others

  • 3D) Diversify

    Broaden hidden skills beyond your natural tendencies

  • 4D) Develop

    Fulfil your potential over time

Our Approach

Our Beliefs

Better communication means stronger relationships
Stronger relationships lead to superior outcomes

Going beyond providing personality profiles, our tools sit at the heart of development journeys for individuals, teams and organisations

Problems we solve

We believe personality profiling should be for everyone, and that colour creates a
common language

Problems we solve

Simple to understand: No psycho-jargon, and suitable for all ages

Affordable for all budgets: We have created tools with specific uses and sectors in mind so everybody can benefit

Globally accessible: With over 300 Business Partners across the world, Clarity4D offers profiles, workshops and coaching support in 6 different languages (and counting)

Effective at getting results: Our tools offer a development process which creates positive results in personal and professional relationships

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