About Us

In 2006, the founding directors of Clarity4D recognised that existing personality profiles were:

  • complicated and time-consuming to deliver
  • expensive and therefore elitist since they were only available to senior staff
  • used as a ‘one-off’ way of labelling people rather than for true personal development

It became their MISSION to make profiling accessible and affordable for all, including young people.

The Vision for Clarity4D was to enable this with SAGE thinking, creating profiles which are SIMPLE to understand, AFFORDABLE for all, GLOBALLY understood and truly EFFECTIVE for behaviour change.

Our Story

Since then, Clarity4D has attracted independent and corporate business partners across all over the world, and consistently grown our offering of accredited personality profiles to suit the needs of different business functions, young people and the third sector.


Clarity4D launches personality profiles for the workforce of 21st Century


First international accreditations for BP in Indonesia and Azerbaijan


The creation of Youth Profiles to support our future leaders


First accreditations in Africa: South Africa, Kenya & Nigeria.

Creation of New Direction Profile – for those people facing change in their lives


First accreditation in the Middle East: Oman


First accreditation in Australia

Our profiles are translated Into 5 languages


Creation of the 2D profile – giving objective feedback for people on a leadership
or self-awareness / personal journey


Profile of choice for the award-winning ‘Leading for London’ programme


Creation of Team DyNAmic Report.

Launch of our Clarity4D Academy for online accreditation


Launch of our White Label/API products


We partner with Youth Foundations and Educational Institutions


We proudly achieved registration as a psychological test with the British Psychological Society’s Psychological Testing Centre

Global Coverage

The universal language of colour ensures our profiles have global application. In fact, Clarity4D is represented in 38 countries across the world!

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Our Culture

What is it like to work with us?

  • We are philanthropic in our approach and seek to share knowledge and opportunity
  • We embrace and value diversity and challenge each other’s opinions
  • We listen and respond
  • We strive to be easy to work with
  • We are customer focused and ‘hands on’
  • We enjoy our working experience – we have fun!!

Our Values

What matters to us?

People over process

  • Communication in relationships
  • Wellbeing beyond the workplace
  • Community and family

Integrity in all we do

  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Growth through learning


  • Respect
  • Understanding
  • Empathy

Find out how Clarity4D can help your organisation foster great relationships, a learning culture, and better outcomes.

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