AICI has formed a partnership with Clarity4D Ltd a personality profiling company located in the UK

This collaboration offers an extra source of income for AICI members.
By becoming accredited with Clarity4D, members can generate personality profiles for their clients, aiding them in identifying their internal strengths. These profiles can be correlated with how individuals present themselves externally.

AICI has successfully negotiated a discounted accreditation fee…

£550 from £1200

This presents a fantastic opportunity for
members to enhance their earnings.

We are
problem solvers

Clarity4D provide personality profiles designed to improve people’s understanding of different personality types and their respective communication preferences.

This knowledge allows them to flex their communication style in line with their audience, creating clarity, reducing confusion and aiding efficiency.

For individuals

Whether you are experiencing personal change, have new challenges at work or are new to leadership, our profiles help you to:


  • Better understand yourself – your strengths and development areas
  • Set achievable goals and coach yourself to exceed them
  • Understand the behaviours expected in different situations
  • Adapt your communication style so as to improve relationships and grow your influence
  • Build your confidence in authentic leadership
  • Improve your resilience to setbacks so you bounce-back and excel at every new challenge

For Teams

Effective team working leads to organisational success through collaboration, co-operation and accountability. Clarity4D’s tools assist with:


  • Recognising and valuing the differences in others and their preferred ways of communicating
  • Raising individual awareness of the impact of personal behaviour on the team
  • Team mapping: Building a framework and common language upon which to base team interactions leads to efficient meetings and day to day operations
  • Creating strategic team goals and effective tactical action plans
  • Fostering team resilience meaning quicker recovery from set-backs
  • Keeping team wellbeing and motivation high during challenging times
  • Building collaboration and co-operation, ultimately leading to innovation
  • Stakeholder mapping: Creating closer relationships with suppliers and customers

For Organisations

Different teams have different priorities, sometimes leading to conflict – especially when under pressure! We help organisations reach their objectives by:


  • Creating an organisation-wide language of colour, simplifying communication, leading to greater collaboration, co-operation and accountability
  • Supporting a culture of continuous learning and feedback, allowing for learning from mistakes, growth and innovation
  • Supporting your talent management strategy from efficient recruitment to identifying development needs and improving retention throughout change and challenge
  • Improving communication from the very top keeping all workers connected to organisational outcomes
  • Maintaining a customer/stakeholder focus across the organisation
  • Improving efficiency: Reducing errors, missed deadlines and wasted time/resources, resulting in fewer HR interventions

Join us on our 3 day virtual accreditation

First Accreditation

Eastern Time Zone from 9Hh00 to 12H00 each session [14H00 GMT]

Session 1. March 19
Session 2. March 22
Session 3. March 26
Session 4 March 29

Second Accreditation

Central European Time [CET] 11H00 14H00 [10H00 GMT]

Session 1. May 21
Session 2. May 24
Session 3. May 28
Session 4. May 31

Third Accreditation

China Standard Time Zone 15H00 to 18H00 [07H00 GMT]

Session 1. June 11
Session 2. June 14
Session 3. June 18
Session 4. June 21

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+44 (0)1780 767873

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